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Awesome: Penn & Teller: Bullshit!
  • "Eat This!":
    • Norman Fuckin' Borlaug, or, as Penn calls him: 'The Single Greatest Human Being on Earth'. To put it simply, Norman Borlaug is a Nobel Prize-winning geneticist responsible for saving potential billions of lives by creating and introducing hardier food crops to starving third-world regions.
    • The Conclusion:
    Penn: A very small percentage of the world's population is fortunate enough to have the luxury of turning down food. The rest of the world spends most of its time trying to get any food. Y'know why? Technological problems. They got dirt, they got water, they got sun. They lack the technical ability to till and enrich the soil; they lack the machines to plant enough to feed their families; they lack the hybrid plants that produce more food per acre. We need to spread all the technology we can, so that all people everywhere can deal with the problem of Too Much Food. We can't start getting picky because we've got enough food; that's just self-centered and racist! Unless you and yours are starving, you need to Shut! The Fuck! Up!
  • In the "Safety Hysteria" episode, armed cops are shown via security camera footage storming a high school in North Carolina looking for drugs, Penn blows his fuse at an armed cop (with a rather unfortunate haircut, which he initially promised not to make fun of) for pointing a gun at a child and having the audacity to say that guns were "drawn at a low-ready position."
    Penn: Low-ready, my achin' ass! Here you are, holding a gun at a kid's head! We were wrong, we are gonna make a comment about his hair. If it weren't for your stupid, fuckin' lame-ass haircut, we wouldn't be able to tell it was your lame ass pointing a gun at an unarmed, just-at-fucking-school-because-you-require it, AMERICAN KID!
    • They also slam the principal while continuing to slam the officer for condoning this treatment of the students, saying the lesson learned was not to be intimidated out of drugs but what happens when THESE. MEN. get a little bit of power, and that schools should keep the students safe from uniformed government needle dicked employees who throw children to the ground and point firearms at their heads.
  • In a moment of Fridge Brilliance Penn doing the whole of the "Profanity" episode with (modern day) swearing replaced with antiquated curse words and euphemisms, and even calling the show "Humbug!"
  • As anti-religious as the show is, they somehow got a priest on their side in Death Inc.
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