Awesome / Nine Inch Nails

  • The glorious sucker-punch cry of defiance that is "No, You Don't." It starts out with some fairly generic pain-doom-angst lyrics, then unexpectedly turns around. It is incredibly refreshing.
  • Their performance at Woodstock 94 is considered to be the highlight of the entire festival and the moment that catapulted Reznor to superstardom.
  • "The Great Destroyer" from Year Zero has this "World of Cardboard" Speech listed on the main page: "I hope they cannot see the limitless potential / living inside of me to murder everything / I hope they cannot see I am the GREAT DESTROYERRRRRR..." Coming out of the guy who created The Downward Spiral and wallowed in angst and depravity for much of The '90s, this is kind of a triumphant moment for Trent Reznor.
  • The Tension 2013 show can be described as one big long Visual Effects of Awesome moment.
  • It must've taken insane amounts of balls to make the Broken music videos, knowing that they'd inevitably get backlash.
    • Especially "Happiness in Slavery", which surely wouldn't get a single halfway normal network playing it even late at night (which was reportedly the case for the "Pinion" video).
  • Nine Inch Nails perform with Trent's teenage hero: Gary Numan.