Heartwarming: Nine Inch Nails

  • The opening monologue for this live rendition of "La Mer." Also a Tear Jerker.
    Trent: About 10 years ago or so I locked myself away in a house on the ocean, and I tried to... well, I said I was trying to write some music. Some of which wound up on The Fragile. But what I was really doing was trying to kill myself. And the whole time I was away by myself, I managed to write one song, which is this song. So when I play it I feel pretty weird about it, because it takes me back to a pretty dark and awful time in my life. Itís weird to think how different things are now. [Beat] Iím still alive, I havenít died yet. And Iím afraid to go back to that place because it feels kind of haunting to me, but Iím going to go back. Iím going to get married there.
    • "Everything" is along the same lines - an upbeat (for NIN, anyway) song about surviving everything.
    I am whole. I am free.
  • Considerable YMMV on this (as with the question as to whether or not this belongs in the Funny section in addition to or instead of here, or either), but just go to 36:49 in the Austin City Limits performance. Quite a surprising moment for Trent, but in a kind of amazing way.

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