Heartwarming / Nine Inch Nails

  • "Everything" - an upbeat (for NIN, anyway) song about surviving everything.
    I am whole. I am free.
  • Considerable YMMV on this (as with the question as to whether or not this belongs in the Funny section in addition to or instead of here, or either), but at about 36:49 in the Austin City Limits concert, an audience member shouts, "I love you, Trent!" to whom Trent replies with "I love you too, man" with a smile before beginning the next song.
  • Trent giving away The Slip for free. Why is it a heartwarming moment? Because it was Trent's "thank you" to his fans for being with him for all this years, saying, and quote: "This one is on me".
    • The best part was before 2016, the album was online for free. Even with the download gone, Trent won't mind fans downloading it, since he loves making music.
    • Trent's relationship with his fans in general is this. While the fans can be a bit arrogant regarding the Broken Base and his wife, it's obvious he loves them deeply.
    • A small one: When David Bowie died, fans were all around worried about Trent, due to the fact Trent pretty much worshipped Bowie, wondering how he was handling the news.
  • Writer, concert photographer and NIN fanboy Andrew Youssef had been dealing with colon cancer for a couple years, and one night was too ill to attend a 2013 Las Vegas show. So of course Trent Reznor decides to Facetime him during the show, and play "In This Twilight" for him. (Sadly, Youssef passed away a few weeks later.)
  • Trent Reznor and his idol David Bowie performing "Hurt". The face you can see on Trent just shows how much this all means to him.
    Trent: One of the greatest moments of my life was standing onstage next to David Bowie while he sang "Hurt" with me. I was outside of myself, thinking, "I'm standing onstage next to the most important influence I've ever had, and he's singing a song I wrote in my bedroom." It was just an awesome moment.
  • The Fragile may be an overall dark and depressing album, but still has heartwarming moments, particularly "We're in This Together", "The Fragile", and "La Mer".
    • The opening monologue for this live rendition of "La Mer." Also a Tear Jerker.
    Trent: About 10 years ago or so I locked myself away in a house on the ocean, and I tried to... well, I said I was trying to write some music. Some of which wound up on The Fragile. But what I was really doing was trying to kill myself. And the whole time I was away by myself, I managed to write one song, which is this song. So when I play it I feel pretty weird about it, because it takes me back to a pretty dark and awful time in my life. Itís weird to think how different things are now. [Beat] Iím still alive, I havenít died yet. And Iím afraid to go back to that place because it feels kind of haunting to me, but Iím going to go back. Iím going to get married there.
  • Recently after the tragic death of Soundgarden's Chris Cornell (who Trent toured with in 2014), Trent spoke out about his previous criticism of Cornell's album Screamnote . Feeling bad about the incident, Trent wrote a letter of apology to Chris to which Chris accepted Trent's apology, stating, "He was very cool and generous about it Ė 'It's the past, fuck it. Let's go on.' The Chris I met on that tour was a gentleman that completely had his shit together."
  • Years of speculation finally revealed that Marilyn Manson and Trent had put their beef aside and now were finally on speaking terms.