Awesome / Mission Hill

  • After almost tossing Andy off the roof, a pimp's back locks up. Posey, resident Granola Girl and usual pacifist gives him a legitimate massage so it doesn't hurt anymore... and promptly kicks his ass off the roof. The reason?
    Posey: I didn't want him to fall off the roof, and not feel it.
  • The second episode has Kevin lie about burning down a store because he was on A Date with Rosie Palms in the bathroom, finally admitting the truth while on the stand, testifying against Those Two Guys he'd accused of doing it instead. Once everyone starts laughing at him over this, Andy jumps to his defense with "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    Andy: People, you mock this boy, but it's your fault he's here today. Your hypocrisy has made this boy a prisoner, terrified of his own sexuality. So much so that he'd rather send two relatively-innocent men to prison than admit he looks at pornography! He thinks his natural urges are filthy and perverted, and why? Because of your conspiracy of silence! Nobody dares admit the truth - that you're all just like him!
  • The entire nightclub prank where Andy, Jim, and Posey disguise a closet as a nightclub entrance and don't let anybody in, with the neighbors helping with the masquerade. Not only do they manage to attract a large crowd of people (including the nightclub owner they were originally trying to get back at), but instead of having to come clean, they fool them all into thinking that their club was destroyed in a fire (by using a smoke bomb and having the neighbors run out of the closet). Avoiding the potential consequences in a smart fashion.