Awesome / Minority Report

  • When the hero and the government agent have a slightly star wars type fight on a factory's car assembly line, until the agent pins the hero to the line, jumps off, and the next scene is the hero screaming as a car seat (shotgun no less) is pounded, presumably, onto his face. Witwer and his agent posse walk along the assembly line, watching the car being built and thinking, "Oh boy, is that guy dead or what? I would not want to go out that way. Ouch." Then, the car is fully constructed and painted, and the agent gets a small smile on his face when... the hero's head looks out through the window, and he stares at them. Apparently, he had avoided all of the flailing mechanical arms and the car parts being welded together, while avoiding being seen. Witwer immediately gets an Oh, Crap! look on his face, as the hero drives the car out of the factory. Apparently, cars are made with a full tank and he already had the keys too.
    • Car may come installed with a fully-charged fuel cell...
      • Reportedly based on an idea Alfred Hitchcock had about a chase in a car factory where the hero has a car assembled around him and allows him to drive off.
    • Well, it IS 2054.
  • The film, in true Spielberg fashion, is filled with virtuoso setpieces, including the Batman Cold Open showing off how the Precrime cops work (including the musical conductor-esque way Anderton scrubs the images for clues), the mall chase with Anderton pulling along a weakened and frightened Agatha (who in turn uses her abilities to evade the cops), and the confrontation between Anderton and Crow.
  • Towards the end of the film, when Anderson is in jail, his wife finds out that he's innocent and calmly walks into the prison with a gun and tells the guard that she will be having a talk with her husband. When the guard asks how she bypassed security, she plops her husband's surgically-removed eyes in front of him.
  • When Anderton and Agatha are escaping from the mall, Agatha continuously uses her precognition to save them. It's chillingly awesome to watch how the seemingly trivial things she has Anderton do pan out to work in their favor.
  • The moment when Anderton starts to read Miranda Rights to the guy he has every reason to believe kidnapped his son. Yes, he's a mourning father; yes, he had dreamed of what he was going to do to this guy with a half hour alone with him; yes, a precog foresaw that he would kill the guy, but Anderton is still a cop. And he still had a choice.
  • Agatha unwittingly demonstrating just how powerful she is as she generates a Minority Report in front of Anderton and his ex-wife - and describes the future life that their son would have had, were he to have lived.