Awesome / Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid

  • Chapter 15: Teana follows her StrikerS Sound Stage X moment up when she and Nanoha BOTH use Starlight Breaker on the field. The resulting conflict destroyed almost all parts of the battlefield. In the end, Nanoha is defeated and Teana's still standing! In Nanoha's defense, Teana was still at full health (2500 points) when the exchange occurred, and only barely survived it. Nanoha had less than half that much health. Still an epic moment all around though.
    Sein: "...What's this? Ragnarok? Armageddon?"
  • Corona and her entirely new style of fighting by making golems and then using said golem to Rocket Punch One-Hit KO against Rio AND Lutecia and all they can do is stare stupidly. Freaking awesome!
    • Taken to new levels of awesome during her tournament match with Einhard. Everyone was expecting one or two good moves from her before being beaten by Vivio's official rival but ended up being quite the contrary, Corona has the upper hand and is delivering a sound beating to a shocked Einhard.
  • Miura defeating Micaiah with Sword-drawing: Starbright Blade; a kick that apparently utilizes "breaker magic". Which basically makes it the kicking equivalent of Starlight Breaker.
    • Miura vs. Vivio's match was an example of epic for both competitors. The exchange of blows throughout displayed an example of essentially two Lightning Bruisers pummeling each other. And surprisingly, Miura wins despite suffering three concussions, each worse than the last. Miura defeated not only the main character, but a character who gave Einhard a challenge!
  • Victoria vs. Chantez, period! The little nun displayed an amazing variety of unique combat techniques that even include freakin shadow clones of herself! She even gains the upper hand for a moment. But the mighty Thunder Emperor didn't disappoint, showing high proficiency in blocking and responding to Chantez's attack finally culminating with a crushing victory over the little prankster. Such strength and fortitude may qualify her as the first consistent Mighty Glacier of the franchise.
  • Erio actually manages to get the drop on Fate just as she switches to Sonic Form, dealing a pretty critical blow... and ruining her outfit, for added points.
  • From the moment she was introduced, Einhard Stratos has spent most of her time doing awesome things. To date, she defeated Nove in a street fight though her loss was intentional, returned Nanoha's Excelion Buster by PUNCHING it back to her and taking down Corona's Goliath twice: the second time by actually sending back the Rocket Punch that took out Rio and Lutecia during the mock battle/training camp. We can only expect more from the descendant of Claus Ingvalt.
  • Rio vs Harry. When one of the opening attacks for a fight involves ripping off a chunk of the arena to throw at your opponent. You know it's going to be awesome.
  • Sieglinde Jeremiah was, from her first appearance, touted as a two-time winner of the DSAA and was supposed to be seen as unstoppable. Then we see her fight on-screen and she throws the Informed Ability trope right out of the window with a vengeance by subjecting Einhard to a Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • She follows this up in Chapter 48, displaying how strong she is by breaking out of Fabia's prison jar while naked, while other fighters such as Rio, Micaiah and Einhart were captured, then sweeping whatever the Witch girl throws at her with ease.
  • The first part of Wilfried Jeremiah's notes describes Wilfried's first meeting with Olivie, saving her carriage from bandits. That's not the awesome though, the awesome is when Olivie takes out a hidden sniper with a rock, without her arms And then she invites Wilfried to join her in taking out the rest.
  • A blink-and-you-miss-it CMOA for Teana in the anime adaptation: in episode 2, she briefly conjures up her employee ID card, which clearly states her mage rank as "Ground-S". That's right: flying under everyone's radar, Little Miss Striker has surreptitiously become the newest ace of the Bureau. What's more, she is the first S-ranked ground mage in a series that had, until then, reserved that rank for flying powerhouses like Nanoha, Fate, Signum, and Zest.
  • Vivio gets a minor one in her 2nd battle with Einhart in Episode 3. Vivio acknowledges that she's probably going to lose (and she does), but decides to give it her all and try to get in at least one hit in anyways. She gets several hits, makes Einheart question how this could be the same girl she easily defeated last week, and has to be taken down by one of Einheart's special techniques. And even after the match ends, Einheart is dazed due to one of Vivio's punches having a delayed effect.
  • Chapters 58-61: Vivio vs Einheart. ALL OF IT. And Vivio actually wins.
  • Chapter 65: Einhart vs. Harry in an arm-wrestling match. Right off the bat they both go full throttle, unleashing enough power to set off a shockwave, neither competitor willing to give an inch.
    • The first one to finally give out and end the match? The table! Nobody wins!
  • Ixpellia fully waking up in Chapter 90 is this because it was believed her Convenient Coma would last 10 years at the earliest... she woke up after just one!