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Awesome: Macross Plus
  • The Information High sequence, the "Dog Fight" sequence between Guld and Isamu (named for the music that plays over their battle) and Guld's duel against the Ghost X-9. Basically, the whole last OVA/30 minutes of the movie is one long moment of awesome.
    • Also one for the intro. Absolutely no words are in it and, really, it doesn't need any. The sheer simplicity of it is awesome in an artistic sense.
  • Let's not forget Myung Fan Lone, a human young woman who by all means has the right to break down due to the crap that her life has been, and who's desperately underpowered when compared to Sharon Apple's near-Goddess control of her surroundings. Then she decides to not angst anymore, escapes from the place where Sharon stashed her after taking control, knocks down two guards, and does what she can to stop Sharon from killing Isamu to give him the biggest thrill ever. Action Survivor to the max.
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