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Awesome: Loonatics Unleashed
Danger Duck

Despite being the show Chew Toy, Duck has some kick-ass moments of his own:

  • In "Going Underground", after being captured by a golem, he teleports away... leaving in its hand a power egg that is about to explode. You'd wish the thing had a face to see its Oh, Crap expression.
    Duck:"Wow, I impressed even me! "I must remember how to do that..."
  • In "Sypher" he managed to stand up (even if briefly) against a villain with the power of all the others Loonatics.
  • "Acmegeddon Part 2": while powerless (because of Sypher) he tricks the robot guard to escape from the cell. Then, after taking back his powers, he easily circles around the others and frees Zadavia.
  • And of course "Creep in the Deep": he develops a new power, helps Lexi understand hers, saves the team from the whirlpool and acts as the de facto leader while Ace is captured, making surprisingly good decisions. He then shares one with Lexi stopping the whirlpool and freeing everybody from Adolpho's Mind Control.

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