Awesome / Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl

  • In Volume 12, Ragamuffin (in his vampire form) kills and massacres dozens of nazi zombies that ascend from Hell after Lenore accidentally releases them. And he also has powers like healing himself and making Mr. Gosh eat his own bowels without even lifting a finger.
    • At the end of the volume, Lenore and her friends manage to close the gates to hell. However, Lenore's house is still surrounded by countless zombies from the legions of hell and all hope seems lost. Ragamuffin makes a speech to the effect of Do Not Go Gentle and then they all rush out of the house to face their doom... Only to find that Taxidermy along with a handfull of his friends have already killed- no, butchered the zombies.
      • Of note is that Ragamuffin, in his awesome moment, tanked through the zombies' fire and, when he was done with them, had bones protouting out of his back, organs hanging out of his stomach and he was extatic at how awesome he was. Taxidermy and his friends are, on the other hand, completely unscathed after they are done and Taxidermy treats the whole affair with mild disregard. Texidermy is not to be trifled with.
  • Ragamuffin as a little doll in volume 2, issue 1. He drives a giant robot to save Lenore from a guy who tries to finish embalming her.