Characters / Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl

Lenore Lynchfast

I am going to hurt you.

Lenore is a 10 years old, undead girl, who died of pneumonia and lives in her mansion along with a stuffed toy, who is actually a cursed vampire. Lenore doesn't know the difference between good and evil, which often results in her accidentally or purposely killing people and animals. She usually says and does disturbing and confusing things, partly due to her innocence, although, in the later comics, she starts being aware of her immoral behavior and actually enjoys it.


What should I do?! Me! One of the most savage killers the world has ever known!

Ragamuffin appears as a rag doll in most volumes, but he's actually a 400 years old vampire who was cursed by a witch, because he murdered and ate her sister. Despite his diabolic nature, Ragamuffin is actually the voice of reason in the series and he also takes the responsibility of looking after Lenore, even though he's often annoyed by her strange, dimwitted behavior. He also cares about her and protects her everytime she gets into reckless, dangerous situations, which implies he views himself as her guardian.

Mr. Gosh

Marry me!

Mr. Gosh is actually a dead person, with a bag over his head. He constantly returns from the grave to follow Lenore and declare his eternal, undying love for her, in spite of the fact that she kills him everytime he does that. When his hood is removed, his face is rotten and every character who sees him gets sick, except for Lenore, who falls for him briefly. Although she gets away from him, when she finds out who he actually is.


It's a...medical condition.

Taxidermy is Lenore's weird looking neighbour, who has a stitched-up deer head and wears a suit. He is extremely polite and well-mannered in spite of his horrifying appearance. He is also educated and intellectual. In the first episode, he trusts Lenore and gives his pet, Malakai, into her care, not knowing her capacity of destroying and killing things. Later, he helps Lenore and Ragamuffin, when they're attacked by the zombies, along with his friends, who have various animals' heads instead of human ones and wear black suits, similar to him.

Pooty Applewater

You're good, but you can't dance with the Pooty.

Pooty Applewater is a hunter sent from Hell to bring back Lenore, but he ends up in becoming her friend and helps her get out of trouble in the later comics. He is often sarcastic and quite mocking of those around him, especially Ragamuffin, who has an aversion to him. Despite this, he transforms Ragamuffin into his old vampire form at the end of volume 11, for a brief time. He also gets protective of Lenore, although not to the same extent as Ragamuffin.