Funny / Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl

  • The moral at the end of The Return Of Mr. Gosh:
    Author: If you love someone, set them free. If they return to you, put several 8 inch blades into their head. If they return again, then RUN...JUST RUN.
  • In Lenore's Last Will Part 1, there is this exchange between Lenore and Ragamuffin:
    Ragamuffin: Hmm, you're looking especially pale today. Also, you smell like rotting fish.
    Lenore:(happy) Really?
    Ragamuffin:...That's bad.
    Lenore: Oh...I like fish.
    Ragamuffin:...It's still bad.
    Ragamuffin: No.
    Lenore: Fishies go pook pook pook!
    Ragamuffin:...Yes, well we need to get you some help from a doctor.
    Lenore: Pook pook pook!
    Ragamuffin: Come ON! Let's go!
    Lenore: ....Pook?
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  • In volume 2, Ragamuffin dreams that he's a flower which is about to be pollinated by a bee, before he wakes up horrified to realize that Lenore stands next to him and watches him:
    Ragamuffin: Why were you just standing there and... wait, am I covered in dirt? Why am I... (pause) You've been planting me in the yard while I sleep, haven't you?
    Lenore: I wanted to grow little Ragamuffins! It's not my fault you're adorable! I just want some Raga-kittens. Imagine them!
    Ragamuffin: Look, that's oddly a flattering comment. You gotta stop planting me though, so promise me you won't do it... (he suddenly wakes up planted in the yard)... again. HOW DID YOU EVEN DO THAT?
    Lenore: Shhh. Just let it happen, baby. It's nature.
  • The end of "The Fugly Duckling," once Lenore arrives and sees the duck:
    Lenore: Oh, GROSS! Ewww! It makes me feel ill just looking in its general direction! It's like a thing of pure yucky...I have never seen anything so hideous...well that one time...but it had been dead for 8 weeks...and it had something growing on its head. But anyway. I mean three words: butt ug-ly! Its like, you were pummelled with the ugly stick, which would've been a lot bigger than this...and probably had spikes or probably some boric acid. It's as if evolution kept going but YOU didn't...I've seen rotting cabbage that was prettier than you. One time, I stepped in poo, and I watched it in the grass, and the shape it made...kind of looked like your face."
    • She then tops off the moment by kicking the duck into the lake, turning to the camera and saying, "I don't do guilt."
  • In the beginning of issue 9, right after Lenore escaped from hell and Ragamuffin unburied her (and called her deathmask "stupid looking"):
    Lenore: You're stupid!
    Ragamuffin: Look, I wasn't trying to insult...
    Lenore: Stoopid little man.
    Ragamuffin: Ok, I...
    Lenore: Little puffy rat-midget cotton-tushed cootie infested freak of nature poo poo headed monstrosity of the seventh layer of heck pee pee breathed dookie eating pig loving crab like bow legged creepy ass bulbous headed smaller than a bread box hollow brained gopher licking intestine shaped bacon wrapped no soap using squid slurping botulism growing crotch scratching one balled accidentally birthed filth spreading juice producing greasy palmed fart leaking ball of crap shaped like a man.
    • Try shouting it out loud in one breath, it'll get even funnier as you get dizzy from oxygen deprivation
    Ragamuffin:...One balled?