WMG / Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl

Lenore's adventures take place in the same universe as Johnny and Squee's.
  • The horrors that happen in both comics are quite similar, plus the towns are both grim and creepy.

Ragamuffin is related to the original, savage, blood thirsty vampires.
  • He's 400 years old just like most classical vampires as Dracula, Lestat or those from Fright Night (1985). Plus he kills people and consumes them without any remorse, unlike more recent Friendly Neighborhood Vampires.
    • Or alternately, he's a renewed, more human looking version of Orlok, because his hands are drawn in a similar style in some of the earlier issues of the comic.

If Lenore didn't die and Ragamuffin wasn't cursed to be a doll, she would have grown and met him in completely different circumstances.