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Awesome: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Awesome Moments for Law and Order: Criminal Intent

  • The climax of Stress Position. Goren and Logan are trapped in a locked-down prison, trying to rescue a material witness from corrupt corrections officers. Goren picks off the team, one by one, just by talking them down.
  • With the entire NYPD scouring the city for her, Eames, having been abducted, trussed up and trapped in a basement by a serial killer, single-handedly MacGyvers her way out of her bonds and the room she's locked in.
    Goren (to Gage): So, sh-she's trapped?
    [Smash Cut to Eames busting through a door]
  • Rather unusually for a victim's mother, Eunice Peterson gets one in "In the Wee Small Hours". She gives the reporter a stinging speech about how there was no media interest in her daughter's case until a white girl was killed by the same guy, ending by saying "I'll take your interest now any way it comes, but do not mistake my desperation with gratitude." It is the only moment in the entire two-part episode that the reporter is at a loss for words.
  • In the first part of the two-part Season 9 opener "Loyalty", the FBI is trying to claim jurisdiction on a case and cut Major Case out of the loop. At one point, Eames, Goren, and Nichols are discussing how to question a suspect, when the unit's temporary Captain enters the room.
    Captain: I sent the gun from the search to FBI Forensics. Maybe we'll get a match.
    Eames: FBI Forensics? Why them?
    Captain: Their lab's the last place they'll look. (Nods and smirks ever so slightly as he leaves.)
  • A wonderful Bluffing the Murderer occurs in "Semi-Professional", Goren gets the M.E. to report that the last victim had his teeth capped and that one of the caps turned up missing. The suspect proceeds to tear apart his entire garage, including checking the drain traps, looking for it. The next morning, when Eames and Goren show up with a warrant the sleep-deprived suspect giggles and gloats that it's not there, and that he never made a mistake. Goren replies as they arrest him that there never was a cap.
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