Fridge / Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Fridge Logic

  • Why don't the two teams ever run into each other or turn out they're Working the Same Case?
    • They've actually somewhat averted this one on a few occasions. Wheeler's actress was on maternity leave during the filming of the last few episodes of the current season (they wrote her pregnancy into the show to explain the character's absence) so for the episodes where she's absent, Eames is partnered with both Goren and Nichols.
    • The episode "In The Wee Small Hours" is an excellent aversion of this. All four detectives work the case of a missing girl who was in New York on a class trip.
    • Regrettably, though, Goren and Nichols never worked a case together.
      • They did work together in the season 9 premiere.
  • One episode revolves around an internet video, the stars of which are kidnapped while filming it. Okay, so who uploaded the video?
    • They staged the kidnapping so they could upload it. And since the 'kidnappers' quickly posted a ransom demand, it's reasonable that they uploaded the video so people would find out about the kidnapping.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Goren goes into absolute denial when the heart sent to the station turns out to have been Nicole Wallace's. But when you think about it, his denial is justified. Nicole Wallace was the most cunning and dangerous criminal mastermind he'd ever encountered. If someone managed to murder her, cut out her heart, and send it to them, then there's someone potentially even more dangerous out there.
  • Goren being The Unfavorite of his mother who doted his irresponsible, drug addicted brother may be on a more subconscious level due to Goren's biological father, who was a serial rapist/killer, had viciously beaten and raped Goren's mother after she wanted to end their relationship. So, while Goren's mother does love Goren, she also may have been subconsciously resentful to Goren for being a physical reminder of the man who assaulted her.

Fridge Horror

  • The ending of "Maledictus" had the publishing tycoon end up being the one who killed his friend, a Mafia Princess who was more likely than not going to be killed by mobsters working in junction with her father, who was sent to prison for life due to her best-selling book and them wishing to silence her. Even with his own money possibly getting him off or at the very least, a lighter sentence, he could easily end up being murdered by the mafia himself.