Awesome / King Crimson

  • "Fracture" is one from a musical standpoint.
    • It gets even better: in some backstage footage from a Japanese show King Crimson did in 1984, Robert Fripp is seen in the green room playing a segment of "Fracture" that is often considered one of the single most difficult pieces composed for guitar, looking almost like he's just keeping his hands occupied while watching TV or something.
  • The long crescendo that comprises the second half of "Starless."
  • It's rare that a musician's decision not to play can count as a Moment of Awesome, but Bill Bruford managed it on the band's live improvisation "Trio". His decision was credited by the other band members as having a significant impact on the direction of the piece, and he received a composition co-credit for contributing what the band labelled "admirable restraint".