Awesome: Jason X

  • Jason manages to chop someone's arm off, whilst cryogenically frozen.
  • Kay-Em gets upgraded, and hands Jason's ass to him.
    • Finally impaling him with his own machete as if to say, "Fuck you!"
    • Jason then gets upgrades as well, returning as Uber Jason, and proceeds to return the favor. By punching her head off.
  • Sgt. Brodski is stabbed while his squad tries to take out Jason. Instead of dying, he crawls, while dying of blood loss, across the ship to help Kay-Em finish Jason off before his revival as a cyborg.
    • And then, he pulls off two Big Damn Heroes moments in a row and then rides Uber Jason's burning body to through the atmosphere of Earth Two, giving him what is likely Jason's canon death. You read that right, ladies and gentlemen, Sergeant Brodski is the man who killed Jason Voorhees!
  • In the comics, the fight between regular Jason and Uber Jason.
  • It's space.
  • This is easy to overlook, but Rowan put Jason Voorhees on ice for over four centuries. Rowan is the reason Jason didn't initially get out of that research center after he got loose. She may not have killed him and she ended up getting frozen alongside Jason, but she still managed to literally freeze Jason in his tracks and was able to do something over a dozen trained soldiers couldn't do.