Awesome / Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

  • Corny as it might be, the scene where the diner staff all open fire on Jason was pretty ballsy. Granted, they all died, but you've got to give credit to Vicki in particular for not only using a shotgun, but later sacrificing herself so the protagonists can get away.
  • The opening when, after pursuing what he thinks is just another stupid teenager, Jason gets shot to pieces, and blown up with an Air Strike. There wouldn't be a film if it worked, but it's so easy to imagine Jason's jaw dropping throughout the whole thing.
    • Jason himself gets one as well during that scene. Even as he's being riddled with countless bullets from all sides, not once does he ever go down from it.
  • While it does end up going one sided a bit with him getting his ass kicked towards the end, Steven having the brass balls to bum rush and tackle a newly reborn Jason Voorhees and engaging in a one on one fist fight with him, to protect Jessica and their baby was pretty awesome.
  • The ending teaser with Freddy Krueger's glove dragging Jason's mask to hell.