Funny / Jason X

  • Brodski gets stabbed in the lungs by Jason but shrugs it off before Jason stabs him again.
    Brodski: "It's gonna take more than a poke in the ribs to put down this old dog." *gets stabbed again* "Yeah, that oughta do it."
  • Jason is stalled with a holographic representation of Camp Crystal Lake, complete with sexually promiscuous Co-Eds. Both co-eds declare how much they love drugs and premarital sex (verbatim)note , strip and lay down on sleeping bags. Cut away to the protagonists trying to repair an airlock. Cut back, and Jason has zipped both co-eds into their bags, and is beating one to death with the other in the ultimate sexy co-ed pillow fight.
    • In the novelization, Jason is so dumbstruck by the behavior of the holograms that he briefly assumes they're mentally retarded.
    • And to hit the Call Back to Part VII home more, he swings the co-ed one last time, not on the other co-ed, but on the tree.
  • "Guys, it's okay! He just wanted his machete back!"
  • During the scene where the gynoid is receiving a breast upgrade, there's the sound of two things falling and clattering on the deck, and her nerd owner looks down. The implication is that her nipples fell off.
  • Jenessa's final words before getting sucked out into space:
    "This sucks on so many levels!"