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Awesome: Inglourious Basterds
  • When the Nazi sergeant nobly refuses to betray his country. And when Sgt. Donny Donowitz, the Bear Jew, beats his brains out with a baseball bat while pretending to be baseball legend Ted Williams. Wow.
    • The flashback of when Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz murdered 13 Nazi officers. Major Squick abounds, though some found Fetish Fuel in it, but either way, it's pure awesome.
    • When Hicox smoothly switches back to English after realizing he's been caught, and then Stiglitz's snarky "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner:
    Hicox: Stiglitz?
    Stiglitz (in English, to Hellstrom): Say "Auf Weidersehn" to your Nazi balls!
    • When the theater burns as Shosanna's giant face laughs maniacally on-screen, and Donny and Omar shoot the living daylights out of everyone. Bonus points for Donny shooting Hitler's face into pudding.
    • The last scene when Lt. Aldo Raine gives Landa a swastika scar on his forehead as Utivitch grins like crazy.
      • "Nah, I'll prob'ly just get chewed out. Hell, I been chewed out before."
      Lt. Aldo Raine: This might just be my masterpiece.
  • When the Basterds are breaking Stiglitz out of prison, they gun down the Nazi guards, and he just casually sits there without twitching as the guards are being blown away.
  • Sergeant Donowitz shooting Hitler over and over and over just to make sure he's really dead.

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