Awesome / IGPX Immortal Grand Prix

  • Takeshi Jin from IGPX Immortal Grand Prix definitely got his in the first-season championship race against Team Velshtein. The first time the two teams met, Velshtein's special technique, the Indraga Mano, completely blindsided the entire team and left them in crumpled heaps on the track. Even after figuring out what it was, the attack was readily acknowledged as very difficult to defeat, requiring a sharp reading of the other team and a picture-perfect dodge. To help the team along, their mechanic designs rocket boosters to give them a quick burst of extra speed. In the championships, Velshtein tries the Indraga Mano again. Takeshi dodges the technique without using his boosters, then has enough time to jump back in, save his midfielder Amy, then use his rocket boosters to get out. Essentially, he dodged a tornado, point-blank, then went back in to save his friend, then dodged it again. Awesome was the perfect word to describe it.
    Andrei: He's definitely got style.
  • Amy, for example, during her comeback race against Team Sledge Mama, almost single-handedly making it possible for the entire team to outrace Team Sledge Mama, and making an undeniably resolute and inspiring declaration:
    Amy: I'm still afraid to get hurt, but I realized in the hospital that it's okay to be afraid! I love to race, and I'm never gonna give it up. This is my comeback race, and nobody's gonna stop me from winning it!
  • Andrei gets his when he steps back onto the track as the legendary Rocket G to sub for an injured Amy. Despite his lack of endurance due to age and flab, he quickly proves himself capable of catching Jan Michel and even Cunningham off-guard with his quick and tricky plays.
  • Other amazing old people: Miss Satomi's old friend Ichi is a hotshot engineer, and his intro to the team involves him handing over a totally badass custom set of bearings for the mechs. When their regular engineer, Mark, protests that he'd need custom frames to fit them in, Ichi just nods for the door to open, and bam. Turns out he already made himself at that. His line right after is, "Nice to meet you. You can call me Ichi." "Number One," indeed.
  • Team Sledge Mama in general and Yamma in particular in their last race against Team Satomi. Even after they lost, Yamma showed he still had the moves by putting River in his place and offhandedly indicating that he's not about to give up on the IG-1.
    • Another moment (which may also classify as Pet the Dog) comes when Sledge Mama helps Team Satomi fight off a group of aggressive Sledge Mama fans. Takeshi asks Sledge Mama why they don't seem to have a problem beating up their own fans, and they respond that even though they may play dirty during races, they absolutely do not condone cheating off the track.
  • The final race of the series against Team White Snow could definitely qualify, as Team Satomi is completely in synch and uses awesome teamwork to bring them down.
  • The last line of the series: WE WILL NEVER STOP.
  • A meta example involving Toonami. After Cartoon Network wrote the show off, Toonami managed to get the show un-written off, allowing them to give their very own original series a big return to television.