Awesome / Hawaii Five-0

  • "Malma Ka Aina": McGarrett's method of interrogation? Leaving a man in a shark cage in the middle of the ocean without telling him the cage is for tourists and the sharks aren't man eaters. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny when McGarrett and Danny have a couple of beers and watch.
  • McGarrett and Danno compare Ms. Pac-Man scores.
    McGarrett: You ever get to double pretzel level?
    Danno: Triple Banana, bitch.
    McGarrett: (in awe) You lie.
  • "Nalowale": Danno is in a bar with McGarrett as part of their investigation for a kidnapped girl. They spot their victim — sorry — suspect, with another girl and Danno comments that if he were flirting with his daughter he'd knock out every single one of his teeth. When they see him slip something into the girl's drink, they move in, and Danno forces him to drink it!
    • Better still: back at the station, Steve wakes up their roofied suspect with an air horn.
  • "Heihei": The four members of 5-0 catch the split-up dope-juiced diamond robbers. They do it so AWESOME.
  • Having lost a suspect's car, McGarrett calls in a favour with an old acquaintance of his, a Navy intelligence officer. She provides the intel with a demand for some personal payment from him when she's in Hawaii on leave.
    Chin-ho: You just had a top secret military spy satellite retasked and you got a date?
    McGarrett: I multitask.
  • Any time Kono gets her hands on a criminal. Like that time with the trash can lids for example.
  • Danno refusing to put up with Rachel's shit in "E Malama".
    Danny: Stan does not get to make decisions regarding the safety of my daughter. So she can go to the Hilton with you or she can come on what is affectionately called a "ride along" with her father, okay?
  • The MMA fight in "Ka Hakaka Maikai" between Steve and Chuck Lidell.
  • McGarrett's commanding officer, Joe White, leading Five-0 on an unsanctioned rescue operation into North Korea to save Steve, and getting back up in the form of three members of Seal Team 9 to pay the team back for helping them on a prior case.
  • Max Bergman killing the Trashman in "Haʻalele".
  • The theme song yet again. When the network unveiled a new, techno'd-up version of the theme for the re-imagining, the backlash was insane. So what did they do? Not only did they make a new one extremely close to the original except more aggressive, they brought in a lot of the original band members. That's right, fan backlash was so great it caused a reunion for the guys who play the theme song. That's how iconic this music is.
  • Catherine takes down the bad guy with a scissor kick attack in "Kahu".
    • You could hear a bit of 007 music in "Kahu" when Steve appears in a tux.
  • The captured Senate candidate in "Hana I WaʻIa". Held by Wo Fat, being forced to write a suicide note before he's killed, helplessly handcuffed to a chair...and left alone for a few minutes which gives him time to take apart the pen and pick the lock of the handcuffs with it, allowing him to escape.
  • "Hoʻopio" has a couple take a girl prisoner to collect on welfare benefits. Danny hits the abductor who tells him he can't do that because he's a cop. Steve has Danny give him his badge and lets his partner go to town on him while he walks out without another word.
  • Danno's narration of his experience with Steve to May's baby as a fairytale story.
  • Everything in "E Malama" (Season 1, Episode 16) is a crowning moment of awesome. Julie, a woman who is a key witness against the leader of a drug cartel, is chased by two of his henchmen, who disguise themselves as cops to get into her house. When she figures out who they are, she uses a lighter and a spray can to burn one of them in the face. She then breaks the bathroom window and cuts her own foot, but is still able to run into the woods to run away from the henchmen. Steve and Chin-Ho go into the woods looking for her and end up confronting the two guys. Even after having lost his gun, Chin still manages to take down one of them and save Julie. Steve takes down the other one. After taking her to court, the team realizes that one of the defendantís defense attorneys is also an assassin ready to kill Julie. She almost kills her and the prosecutorÖ and thatís when Kono comes in and takes her down. The look on the defendantís face when Julie comes into the courtroom to testify is priceless
    • While all of this is happening, Danny is after a guy who carjacked his ex-wife while his daughter was in the car. When he finds the guy, he scares the hell out of him, making sure that he will never even think about hurting his daughter again.
  • In "O ka Pili'Ohana ka 'Oi" it is revealed that Wo Fat escaped from the supermax prison in Colarado, similar to Riddick in the films. Offscreen of course.
    • Later, it also turns out he killed Ian Wright after he had kidnapped Grover's daughter. Offscreen again, but this could double as a potential Pet the Dog moment for him as he left Grover's daughter alive despite his vendetta against Five-0.
  • The season five premiere had an off-the-charts HSQ, so there were many moments of awesome to be had. Special mentions:
    • The nameless police officer shooting at the drone on the beach. Yes, it didn't leave a dent, but think of the cahones it'd take to stand there! The Five-0 team is even impressed with his marksmanship, and he actually survives without Plot Armor.
    • Steve diving to save a homeless man from drone fire and taking one to the leg for his troubles.
      • Danny getting to drive his own car because of this.
    • Jerry taking over the drone using stuff he bought at the local hardware store then flying it into the engine of the bad guys' plane to keep the from taking off.
  • Jerry once again uses the covert surveillance van in "Ua'aihue" to take down the hijacked ambulance.
  • "Ina Paha", the 100th episode. McGarrett's final battle with Wo Fat.
  • In the sixth season finale, the team is surrounded by enemy gunmen in a building and have to fight their way out. Abby is last seen on her knees with a gunman ready to put a bullet in her head. Grover shows up with a SWAT team but are ambushed a block away, Grover finding his gun empty as a pair of goons move to him...and then Abby drives up on a motorcycle to shoot them both down.
  • Danny in "Ke Ku 'Ana" manages to talk down Martin from continuing on with the hostage situation, reminding him that his noble intention to let the world know about the death of his son via small arms will go down and he'll be viewed as a killer if he gets killed in the shootout or if he killed his hostages by appealing to his sense as a failed father.
  • Kono's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Emilio in the climax of "Puka 'ana". First she challenges the sex trafficker to a fistfight, and tells him to pick up the knife, then lays the beat down.
  • Steve realizes an American terrorist group plans to shoot down an airliner and blame a Muslim for it to inflame passions. Steve attacks their leader just as he's about to fire an RPG at the plane. They have a wild fight, the man getting the upper hand but Steve manages to stab him in the leg with a knife. As the terrorist staggers back, Steve grabs the only weapon he can: The RPG which he uses to blow the terrorist to pieces.
  • A DEA agent is killed during a raid with his trained dog, Eddie, wounded. The team track down the gang who are working with a corrupt DEA agent. During the raid, Eddie hunts the traitorous agent down, the man begging for mercy and saying Eddie should remember him as a friend. Eddie growls and charges at him. We then cut to the rogue agent being carted off on a gurney with a mauled arm and blood all over his shirt.