Tear Jerker: Hawaii Five-0

  • In "Malama Ka Aina"
    Danno: Rachel, just hear me out. Before you sic your lawyers on me, I wanna remind you of something. I moved 5,000 miles so that I could see Grace twice a week. Twice a week, okay? That is 48 hours, 52 times a year for a grand total of 2,500 hours. When you factor in sleep, and school, I can really only count on 400 hours of real face time each year. And ya know? That's only going to shrink as she starts making friends... Then she goes off to college... So ultimately that does not leave me with a lot of time to spend with my daughter. Not as much as I would want. But I never complained. I never complained. Because every single one of those minutes reminds me of what I am doing, and why I am here. That little girl is my life. So I am asking you- I am begging you to please- please just be kind. Don't take her away from me, that's all.
  • Hookman ends with Steve having a Dead Person Conversation with the two officers who were murdered during the episode, then his father appears to say he's proud of his son
  • In "Ho’onani Makuakane", where an ex-442nd Infantry Regiment veteran tells the Five-0 team about his life in Hawaii before and after his internment at the camps. And how he lost everything, including his family due to martial law when WWII started.
  • Danno throughout the fourth season when he learns that his mom is officially divorcing his father. This speaks to anyone who has experienced his or her parents getting a divorce.
  • "Ina Paha". Good lord. Steve is tortured and drugged by Wo Fat (for information he doesn't have), said drugs making him hallucinate an Alternate Reality where his father is alive. After he kills Wo Fat and his team rescues him, the first thing he asks Danny is where his father is. After Danny gently reminds him his father died four years ago, Steve McGarrett, Made of Iron, Determinator, and all around Badass, breaks down and sobs. This Troper felt as gutted as he did.