Awesome / Good Wilt Hunting

  • Eduardo's creator was able to use Eduardo's Papa Wolf Mentality towards her to her advantage by playing Damsel in Distress when interogating some stowaways on the bus, despite being a cop herself. The fact that the most cowardly member of the group would go THAT ballistic makes it this and a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Wilt and Larry having their Rematch, showing how skilled Wilt is as a ball while also showing the flashback that resulted in him leaving his creator. While sad, it showed how skilled he was in his prime and how much better he has become since then.
  • Wilt mowing hundreds of lawns in one day. Mundane Made Awesome incarnate!
  • The fact that Mac was able to figure out who Wilt's creator was by one mundane thing. Awesomeness by Analysis with this kid.