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Awesome: Gears of War
Marcus Fenix
  • During the Battle of Aspho Fields in the Pendulum Wars, Marcus hijacks a Indie vehicle that had killed several members of his unit, and proceeds to use it to utterly destroy the attacking Indie forces, allowing the rest of his unit to fall back to the extraction point. He even shoots down a Khimera attack helicopter that was about to kill Dom, Hoffman, and a commando team without even realizing it.
    • Made even more awesome if every shot was a headshot and you didn't miss a single shot. (Unlike in the video)
    • This line returns in Gears 3. Marcus will sometimes say it while throwing an incendiary grenade.
  • "Control, this is Delta. We've hijacked a Brumak so that we can-" "You what?!" "We're riding a Brumak; we're gonna use it to clear the area faster." "Uh... okay..." Best. Level. EVER.
  • Marcus finally getting fed up with Griffin's bullshit and verbally thrashing him.
    I just lost my fucking brother, alright?! My BROTHER! You, your tower, and all this fuckin Immulsion can GO TO HELL!!
  • "Feel that? That's from Dom...and everyone else you killed, you bitch."

Dom Santiago
  • Dom's Heroic Sacrifice is definitely a Tear Jerker, but it is also thoroughly awesome. Just watch the pyrotechnics!
    • And on top of everything, an instrumental of Gary Jules version of Mad World plays in the background, which should just be awesome to any old school Gears fan.

Augustus Cole
  • When Augustus Cole "The Cole Train" enters your squad in Gears 2, he does so while the PC(s) are under attack from an ambush above and around them. He chainsaws, shoots and headshots with his Lancer assault rifle those Locust, and sticks a grenade to one of them, killing around 8 enemies by himself.
    • This deserves clarification. Five grubs are gunned down before you even see Cole. When he appears on screen, the first chainsaw kill is combined with a linebacker-class sack that flips the disemboweled Locust grunt clear over Cole's head. After that, Cole attaches the grenade to the back of the next grunt he gets within melee range of, and runs right by. He headshots the remaining Locust by the time the grenade goes off.
  • Cole showing us just why he's considered one of the best, if not THE best Thrashball player who has ever lived, only it's Lambent he's plowing through instead of people.
  • The whole "Delta Squad is in your house, bitch!" has to be the most awesome verbal beating ever. What he does is that he uses the Locust Queen's broadcasting to loudly shout out on how the Locust are about to be royally fucked in the ass by Delta Squad, on how they'll end up crying to their queen and how their queen is gonna end up wasted as well. His broadcasting is heard through the entire underground city of Nexus for every Locust to hear.

Damon Baird
  • Somehow building a bomb with only a few moments notice, and reacting to the request with a cheerful reply about if Marcus wanted it regular or extra strength.

Adam Fenix
  • During his last battle of the Pendulum Wars, Adam snuck across the battlefield with another Gear and tossed molotovs into the vents of a nearly indestructible Indie tank that had been inflicting heavy casualties on his unit.
  • Adam's Heroic Sacrifice, which resulted in no less than the extinction of the entire Locust Horde and Lambent and bringing peace to Sera.
  • When he executes a Locust when there down, he doesn't use a weapon.He leaps on top of it and begins ''beating on its head until it explodes'.Remember that he isn't even a body builder and was able to take down a full grown alien with his bare hands.

Victor Hoffman
  • Defeating the UIR Siege of Anvil Gate. Sure, he faked a surrender and felt terrible about it, but it was a brilliant plan to turn the tide of the UIR's invasion of Kashkur.

Anya Stroud

Tai Kaliso
  • Inspiring the creation of the chainsaw bayonet by using a power-saw on a Locust drone.

Richard Prescott
  • Chairman Prescott's entire speech at the beginning of Act 1 of Gears of War 2. Coupled with scenes of cheering Gears and Stranded loading up for war and some of the best damn music ever, it comes out as a scene that leaves fists pumping.
    • "Soon we will have nothing left to defend, and that means we have only one option: attack."

Jace Stratton
  • When the King Raven Jace and Delta are flying in in the Hollow arc is hit by a Nemacyst and the pilot is killed, Jace takes over, having only flown once before but having never landed. To make matters worse, they are still under fire, and the landing gear is shot off. Jace spots several Drones coming out of an Emergance Hole, so he aims for it, crashing down and sliding across the Locust, killing all of them, and impressing all the experienced Badasses in the squad.

Michael Barrick
  • Barrick charging into a few dozen Locust with some Bloodmounts backing them up, fighting (and killing) them hand to hand to allow the rest of Delta Squad to escape.

  • Going head-to-head against Skorge and living to sing about it, not too mention his impressive driving of both a massive armored transport in GOW 2 and a giant submarine in GOW 3.

Clayton Carmine
  • Clayton Carmine surviving all of Gears of War 3. We see the crashed helicopter, a gear's body lying on the ground, and a helmet. Then someone else picks up the helmet and puts it on, revealing GRUB KILLER on his chest plate. That is all.

Minh Young Kim
  • At the end of RAAM's Shadow, Kim goes hunting for RAAM to get revenge for Valera. He finds him injured and prepares to kill him, but RAAM summons a ring of Kryll to protect him. Kim won't let this stop him, and he begins walking through the Kryll to try and reach RAAM, recieving several cuts from the man eating terrors. He likely would have been torn apart, and was only stopped when Barrick pulled him back, but damn, that took guts to try and do.

Gameplay and Story
  • Multiple players in Gears of War 2 can chainsaw the same enemy at the same time, because There Is No Kill Like Overkill.
  • When you first enter a chainsaw duel. It's only attempting to mash a button more than someone else in a couple of seconds, but it looks... YOUTUBE IT.
  • Just getting a chainsaw kill. It does not get old.
    • Nor do the headshot lines. "Look ma, no face!"
  • Though by itself the scene where Dom has to euthanize Maria is definitively a Tear Jerker, the scene itself is a CMOA for Epic Games, with a combination of heart-wrenchingly well-done music, brilliant writing, and perfect acting, on top of the fact that Epic went with such a strikingly mature and straightforward approach to such a story. It was the moment that, in this troper's eyes, Gears 2 went from being a really good game to being a truely awesome one.
  • Three words: Triple. Chainsaw. Bypass.
  • Delta squad decapitating a Brumak with razor wire.
  • The final round of Beast Mode. You fight Prescott and a hell of a lot of Onyx Guards in your final effort to wipe out the Gears. You'd think that it's awesome enough that you've killed some of the best COG members ever (well, since you're playing the villain this time), but what does Prescott say right before you start the round?
    Prescott: Unity! Survival! BROTHERHOOD TO THE END.
  • Razor hail.
  • The COG teaming up with their enemies from the the Pendulum Wars, the UIR, in the final battle against the Locust and Lambent.

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