Awesome / Gangsta

  • After finishing up a job that requires them to clean up gang leader Barry Abott's organization, the handymen refuses to kill Alex and instead chose her as their 'loot'. Captain Chad becomes understandably upset. That is, until Nicolas smashes Chad car with his foot, and then proceeds to verbally remind him that handymen are not part of the police division and if he wouldn't let Alex go with them, Nicolas would have to break his skull.
    • And this is coming from a Silent Bob deaf man. Moment of Awesome? Oh yeah.
  • Pretty much anytime Nic fights. He's made of badass.
  • The fight between Nicolas and Doug is pretty much Cool vs. Awesome.
  • Gina's appearance on the scene of Nic and Doug fighting, which results in a Mass "Oh, Crap!" from everyone as soon as they hear she's coming. And she doesn't disappoint when she arrives.
  • Alex rescuing the little Twilight girl from the bastards who were going to rape her in chapter 18, followed by Nic's Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • Marco and Galahad are made of awesome in chapter 20.
  • Nicolas manages to keep up with Erika and the Mikhail in Chapter 32.