Awesome / Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

  • Jason's resurrection. First he pulls a Frankenstein by getting his corpse struck by lightning not once, but twice. Jason then gets up from his grave, No Sells a shovel hitting his head, kills the perpetrator by punching the guy's heart out, spooks Tommy (who managed to kill Jason for good in The Final Chapter) so bad that he's forced to run away, and to cap it all off, Jason then puts on his signature hockey mask. Watch out Crystal Lake; Jason Lives.
  • Sheriff Garris' beat down on Jason and eventual Heroic Sacrifice to save his daughter. He tackles him to the ground, kicks him while he's down and makes him roll over in the process, beats him with a log so hard he breaks the log, and bashes Jason's head several times with a large, heavy rock. Few characters ever get the chance to give Jason such a beating, even for an Asshole Victim like Garris becomes which makes his death a Dying Moment of Awesome, futile as it might be.