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Funny: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
  • Jason smashes Burt's face into a tree so hard it leaves a bloody Smiley Face imprint.
    • And that's only after he gets thrown from the momentum of being grabbed by Jason, which causes his arm to rip loose and him to be sent flying. After which, Jason stares at the arm in apparent confusion. Even he wasn't aware yet of how strong his resurrection had made him.
    • He kills all but one of the paintball shooters, Roy, who's only defense was to shoot Jason with a paintball gun. Jason takes a moment to look down at his shirt before advancing on the poor bastard. Blood and guts are okay, but shoot him with paint and Jason will get you if he has to run all over Crystal Lake to do it.
  • The two Genre Savvy kids inside the cabin, musing over being "Dead meat".
    Kid: So, what did you wanna be when you grew up?
  • Say it with me now: "Don't leave home without it!" What makes it especially funny is that the director deliberately put that in there, knowing people would say that.
  • Martin chides the audience.
    Martin: Some folks have a strange idea of entertainment.
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