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Awesome: Dragonheart
  • Seriously, it's a movie with a DRAGON in it. Need I say more?
  • One scene that always stands out in the memory is when Kara and Brother Gilbert return to her village to try and rally support for a rebellion. The locals are unimpressed... until Bowen, recovered from his Heroic BSOD, returns on horseback and rides up to the crest of a nearby hill just in time for Draco to soar up, silhouetted against the sky. The image is striking enough to appear on the VHS and DVD covers.
  • The recitation/affirmation of the Old Code in the rain.
  • The fact that the effects for Draco still actually hold up after all these years, especially the incredible detail they used with his facial expressions, body movements/mannerisms, and even how his eyes follow the real people around him perfectly. Combine that with Connery's excellent voice acting and you've got one of the most unforgettable dragons on film.
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