Awesome / Dragonball Evolution

  • For all its faults, the choice of a Japanese singer for the theme song was one of the best decisions made, and lyrically "Rule" is just one big hint at What Could Have Been for the better.
  • C'mon they only happened twice but it was AWESOME seeing Capsule Corp. stuff shrink and grow from tiny pellets to huge things.
  • All scenes of Chi Chi fighting. She arguably kicks more ass in the movie than Goku does!
  • If one has complaints about Piccolo, just remember that it was James Marsters that took a stand and kept Piccolo an alien rather than being a bishounen human.
  • Both awesome and funny, after arriving at Chi Chi's party. Goku is told to leave, he does so at first. but then begins taunting his bullies and Fuller by monkeying around.