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Draco is Sean Connery's true form.
During filming, he just took off that human costume he's always walking around in.
  • So, James Bond was played by a dragon? Too awesome to happen.

Draco's death could have been avoided.
Case 1: While Einon can't be killed, he can still be injured (for example, getting stabbed by Kara and shot by Brother Gilbert). Why not cut out the dragon heart? Mortal once again. Case 2: If that doesn't work, just throw the king in prison for all eternity. It's not like he has any supporters left that would release him. Plus, "Death should be a release, not a punishment."
  • I suspect that cutting out Einon's heart would be incredibly painful or possibly even deadly for Draco. We've seen that each feels the effect of any woulds the other receives. And locking him up leaves it open for him to escape and seize power again in the future. Besides, sacrificing his own life is the only way for Draco to earn his place in Dragon Heaven.
  • What about cutting off Einon's head? I doubt he'd survive that seeing as how the half-heart is what keeps him 'immortal' and his head wouldn't be attached to it anymore, and since Draco is the life source it wouldn't kill the dragon. It would probably hurt like hell but not for terribly long and then Draco could've gotten his heart back, still earned his place and not needed to have died.
    • The pain and shock caused by chopping off Einon's head may very well have killed Draco anyway.

The Scarred One was Draco's mate, and Drakes mother
  • When Draco found out Bowen had just killed a dragon, he says "she and I were the last". Drake had to have a mom.
    • There's no indication of how many dragons Bowen has killed since starting his dragonslaying career, or whether Draco's mother was even still alive at the beginning of the movie; she could have been long dead.
      • It's possible that in the French dub, he actually refers to her as his mate.
      • He does : he calls her "ma fiancée".

Calvin and Hobbes are reincarnations of Bowen and Draco
Let's face it, both of these pairs of characters have eerily similar personalities and dynamics. They're always fighting and arguing comically, and have no problems getting into wacky hijinks, either intentionally or by accident. Draco, though obviously enjoying a good time and some violence, tries to nevertheless steer his bitter human companion on the right path by returning to the Old Code, just like how Hobbes tries to be Calvin's conscience, to varying degrees of success. And most telling of all, when they attempt to remove Kara from the picture before she messes up their plans, Draco, instead of eating her, puts the moves on her, to Bowen's chagrin. Kind of like how whenever Calvin and Hobbes try to pester Susie, the latter always ends up getting his groove on with her.
  • Besides, following that logic, dragons no longer exist in the present days: they are mythical creatures and, even if you personally knew one, nobody would believe you anyway. Kinda like how Calvin knows Hobbes is real, but to everyone else, he's just a stuffed toy.

The Scarred One from the first movie is the dragon whose heart was shared with Rhonu.
A longshot, I know, but it's been confirmed that Draco is one of the dragons in Drago's eggs, so maybe The Scarred One was as well. If they do make a fourth film, maybe they'll explore her story. Besides, from what Drago said about female dragons, Rhonu sounds like she's get along well with the heart of one.

Gareth and Rhonu are the ancestors of Kara and Lorne is the ancestor of Gilbert.
Because just them being Suspiciously Similiar Substitutes is not enough.