Awesome / Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Season 1

Episode 3

  • Bart and Ken are captured by bikers. Ken is of course terrified, while Bart tries to reassure him that no matter what happens, she'll kill everyone else, and if he dies, she'll miss him. Then, the bikers hit Ken in the head with a baseball, setting off a chain reaction that frees Bart and sees her rapidly kill, or indirectly cause to die all the others. She runs out of bullets trying to kill the last one, their leader, so the biker throws a knife at her. The hilt bounces off her arm, she picks it up and throws it back, killing him.
  • A strange version of Big Damn Heroes, Amanda goes to the supermarket and has an acute episode of her disease, causing her to think she's on fire. The Rowdy 3 show up, kick the crap out of two guys filming her and laughing, and then use their powers to absorb her panic and take her pain away.

Episode 4

  • While exploring the tunnels of Springsborough, Todd and Dirk find themselves in a series of traps. Dirk begins to lose his "cool" and Todd actually steps up and figures a way out of the traps, with Dirk eventually figuring out the last one and discovering Spring's treasure map. Its probably the first time they function well as a duo, working as real partners.

Episode 8

  • There's a number in succession, basically boiling down to the heroes (all of them, even the Rowdy 3 and Ken and Bart) saving the day, each connecting and playing an important role.
    • In a less good, but still awesome bit, Friedkin puts together an operation that leads to the currently known Project Blackwing subjects getting captured. Gently is captured by Friedkin himself, a tactical team goes after the Rowdy 3 (who Riggins once said he would want ten soldiers for every one of them), and a small army including a tank confronts Bart. Who then calmly picks up a rock and faces them.

Season 2

Episode 1

  • An Offscreen Moment of Awesome for Bart, because in spite of the small army and tank, she still managed to escape. They did manage to apprehend Ken (and Rapunzel, and the taxi they were in at the time), but Bart is still running loose in season 2.

Episode 4

  • Amanda discovering her Pararibulitis manifests as magic powers in Wendimoor. Cue her captors getting quite the shock.

Episode 5

  • Yet another Big Damn Heroes moment for the Rowdy 3, summoned to Wendimoor by Amanda just as the Mage's knights arrive; they proceed to go full soul-suck on the goons, punctuated by an excited "aw yeah!" from Vogle.

Episode 9

  • When the Kellum Knights gun down Panto and Silas, Bart, who has spent the entire season trying not to kill, picks up the chainsaw she brought and marches at them. When we visit her in the next episode, she's Atop a Mountain of Corpses.

Episode 10

  • Suzie getting the fate she so deserved. Stripped of her powers, beauty and healthy hip, and left alone in the Wendimoor train for all time.
  • Hugo's (not quite) Dying Moment of Awesome - having pulled a Heel–Face Turn to help Dirk get Moloch to Wendimoor and getting brutally impaled for his trouble, he pulls a gun on Ken when the latter tries to stop Dirk, providing ample time for Dirk to solve the case. Even better, having learned from his own mistakes, Hugo finally seems to get the hang of how these Holistic individuals work (and that's before he seemingly Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence after Ken pushes him into the backstage of reality, seemingly granting him full understanding of everything.
    Ken: [waving Hugo off] You moron, drop that now.
    Hugo: You can't control it, that's not how it works.
    Ken: Shut up, Hugo!
    Hugo: You can only make it worse. You can't fix anything.
    Ken: [to Dirk] Svlad, Svlad! I will shoot you!
    Hugo: You shoot him, and I shoot you!