Heartwarming / Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Season 1

Episode 5

  • Amanda having a pararibulitis attack while she’s hanging out with the Rowdy 3. Then the guys feed away the fear and pain, and Cross tells her “You’re not gonna have to worry about that shit anymore”. It’s especially cool because it’s delivered in such a serious tone, since all the rest of Cross’s dialogue is delivered in a wild, comical way. Like they have already decided she is a new member of their family, and they are all 200% serious about supporting her in dealing with her possibly magical mental illness.

Season 2

Episode 2

  • Dirk and Todd literally bouncing up and down with joy at being reunited. They've come a long way since the days when Todd considered Dirk an unwelcome nuisance.

Episode 5

  • Hobbes deputizing Farah. It's even more sweet since he doesn't even realize how much it means to her to officially be made law enforcement, after a lifetime of being denied any opportunity to serve in that capacity no matter how desperately she wants to. For Hobbes, it's just a formality, but for Farah, it's the greatest gift he could've given her.
  • The entire closing segment is a real feel-good moment. With Amanda and the Rowdy Three happily reunited, Todd, Dirk, Tina and Farah partying at the rave, and Bart dancing with Panto through his cell.

Episode 6

  • Martin telling Amanda that the Rowdy 3 "ain't got no place to be but here for you". As weird as they are they really, really love their girl.

Episode 7

  • It's implied Silas and Panto were keeping their relationship secret before Pantos left. Now, however, Silas misses Panto so much, he's telling everyone left, right, and centre how much he loves him. Also, for someone who desperately wants peace, he's a warrior who made it clear he'd have no compunctions with hurting Todd if Todd had hurt Pantos.

Episode 10

  • Todd and Amanda leaving on much better terms than they were in the last season.
  • Dirk convincing Hugo to pull a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Francis Cardenas' return to Wendimoor fulfils the prophecy and brings peace back to the land: the murdered citizens are resurrected, the feuding families reconcile, and Silas and Panto are finally able to be together.