Fridge / Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Fridge Brilliance
  • I had to read the Douglas Adams book Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency at least twice before I realized that everything in the entire book tied together and led logically to the conclusion. Every. Single. Thing. Even things you thought were throwaway one-liner jokes. Even lines you'd completely forgotten. EVERYTHING. -Calla
    • The same thing happened to me. It wasn't until I happened to be reading a section out loud for a public speaking course that I spotted the significance of the name "Albert Ross". - Elan
    • During rereading chapter two of the book, I finally realised that one of the paragraphs implied that the Electric Monk was actually built by aliens and was designed in a way that just so happened to make it look like a human. That also explains why donkeys would have to "be built" like the chapter says they are. The whole chapter takes place on an alien planet and presumably donkeys don't exist on it, hence why the aliens had to make them. It also explains the pink sand and a whole ton of other things which I hadn't even thought about beforehand. Now I can't tell if all those facts should be obvious while reading it and I'm just stupid, or if the writing really is just that cryptic. -evansT
      • Oh my god. I hadn't even spotted that one before. "There's a planet where the dust is just the right colour..." - Calla
  • Genius Bonus: The Brandenburg Concertos didn't need to be dropped into J.S.Bach's mind. The story of the Brandenburg Concertos is an odd one: they are believed to have been written as a job application (to be court composer) by J.S. Bach in the early 18th century, sent to the court of Brandenburg and pretty much ignored—shoved in a cupboard and never played, and they were pretty much totally forgotten about for 200 years. They were found in said cupboard in 1925, after J.S. Bach's fame was assured. Musical historians have no doubt that J.S. Bach wrote them, but in this universe...
    • WHOA.