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Awesome: Department 19
  • Jamie Carpenter, a sixteen-year-old boy, manages to outsmart one of the four most powerful vampires ever to exist.
  • In the past, but when John Carpenter (Jamie's grandfather) teams up with Frankenstein in 1928, marching into Valentin Rusmanov's house in search of a target, then demanding they be let out alive otherwise he would blow up the building. It's such an awesome moment, it even gets Valentin's respect!
  • In the Rising, Jamie also leads an Operation into Paris to get Frankenstein back, killing an entire theatreful of vampires and sedating a wereworlf in the process.
  • Valentin Rusmanov fighting his brother to a standstill in front of the entire Blacklight roster.
  • In Battle Lines when Kate and Matt go out to sort out the mess with their fathers and Albert Harker and are joined by Frankenstein.
  • In Zero Hour, during the enormous battle between basically every Department member in the world and Dracula and his followers, there are several - Larissa punches the oldest vampire ever in the face, Paul Turner holds him at gun (T-Bone?)-point and Jamie destroys Valeri Rusmanov, the third oldest vampire in the world..
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