Awesome / Department 19

  • Jamie Carpenter, a sixteen-year-old boy, manages to outsmart one of the four most powerful vampires ever to exist.
  • In the past, but when John Carpenter (Jamie's grandfather) teams up with Frankenstein in 1928, marching into Valentin Rusmanov's house in search of a target, then demanding they be let out alive otherwise he would blow up the building. It's such an awesome moment, it even gets Valentin's respect!
  • In the Rising, Jamie also leads an Operation into Paris to get Frankenstein back, killing an entire theatreful of vampires and sedating a werewolf in the process.
  • Valentin Rusmanov fighting his brother to a standstill in front of the entire Blacklight roster.
  • In Battle Lines when Kate and Matt go out to sort out the mess with their fathers and Albert Harker and are joined by Frankenstein.
  • In Zero Hour, during the enormous battle between basically every Department member in the world and Dracula and his followers, there are several - Larissa punches the oldest vampire ever in the face, Paul Turner holds him at gun (T-Bone?)-point and Jamie destroys Valeri Rusmanov, the third oldest vampire in the world..
    • Not only does Larissa punch Dracula, she manages to hold her own against him in a fairly extended fight.
    • Valeri takes out two Apache helicopters in the same fight, the second by dodging the helicopter's guns, latching onto the tail and ripping out enough machinery to deactivate the tail rotor and send it crashing to the ground.