Awesome / Deadman Wonderland

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome and Crowning Music of Awesome - The Opening sequence.
  • Ganta's fight with Senji in chapter 8. After losing most of his blood trying to hit Crow, it looks like he's finished. Somehow, he manages to get up and gather enough blood to shoot the speaker above Crow's head. Crow slices the speaker, but this move bought enough time for Ganta to get close enough to him to shoot him point-blank in the chest.
  • After delivering a KO to Minatsuki, Ganta tells the disappointed audience they can fuck off 'cause he isn't gonna kill her.
  • Chapter 15-Nagi versus Hibana. Nagi's arm is smashed, and nearly severed. So what does he do? He tears it off and throws it at her as a distraction, before completing his objective of activating the elevator, and then using blood from his severed arm to activate his Branch of Sin. Rokuro admits the chances of that happening were 2%.
  • Shiro going to Ganta's aid after his 'former' Nakama say no. She does this by delivering an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech to them.
    Shiro: Then you guys are weaker than Ganta. [Ganta also has had lots of bad things happen to him...he said a lot of his friends were killed...but he never said anything like 'I am trying to forget it.' That's why he can stand up and say 'I won't let anymore of my friends get killed'!
  • "You guys are badass!"
  • Chapter 38: After all the shit that Tamaki's pulled, it is deeply satisfying to watch Makina punch him right in the face.
  • Crow can be seen as a walking moment of awesome from his behavior to Big Damn Heroes moments, especially coming up with a way to counter the Worm Eater weaponry just after he encounters it in Episode 10. "Invisible Black" is quite a fitting name for the move used too.
  • It is extremely awesome to see Hagire completely DESTROY Tamaki. (figuratively specking)
  • La Résistance and retroactively, Toto standing up to Hagire Rinichirou's insanity in chapter 52, essentially saying 'You need to get over yourself.'
  • Although it's one of the saddest final battles in recent memory, you can't deny that the battle in Chapter 56 between Ganta and Shiro is nothing short of intense to read. Watching these two put their skills to the limit makes for some pretty sweet and fast-paced eye-candy.
    • In all honesty, an amazingly drawn and choreographed fight by any means.
  • Ganta actually gets in a fist-fight with the Wretched Egg and holds his own. The Wretched Egg who is superpowerful and telekinetic. It's just so audacious that he even tries it, and even more awesome that he manages to land blows without taking any good hits. The Wretched Egg even opted to back off instead of take it, and Ganta yanks him back by his leg. If that's not badass, I don't even know what is.