Awesome / Darth Plagueis

  • Plagueis defeating the Woebegone's crew despite being outnumbered and still suffering from the wound he received from the mining incident on Bal'demnic.
  • The lightsaber duel between Plagueis and Venamis is nothing short of epic.
  • Pax Teem and the Gran Protectorate actually outwitting Darth Sidious and Darth Plagueis, failing only due to dumb luck (the assassin order they hired wanted to make amends for almost botching a previous job for Palpy). Palpatine is actually shocked when he realizes they've been had.
  • The fight between Plagueis and the assassins hired to kill him is astounding. It displays in no uncertain terms just HOW members of the Sith Order managed to survive all those centuries against an entire galaxy. Palpy's ensuing punishment of the Gran is just as awesome, as well as utterly horrifying.
    • To be clear, Muun have three hearts, one primary and two subsidiaries. Plagueis fought off most of the Maladian assassins while the back-ups were going into arrythmia. That's right, he pulls Assassin Outclassin' while he's having frickin' heart attacks. He's also using the Force to clamp his other wounds closed. Such an outstanding badass.
  • The degree of Palpatine being Magnificent Bastard and his manipulative skills. He began manipulating Plagueis from the day he saw him... or so he claims.
  • The Sith Order in general is this, due to centuries of power escalation as intended by the Rule of Two. Case in point: when Plagueis first initiates Palpatine into the Order, he explains over several years exactly how much command of the Force and how many martial and manipulative skills they need to develop in order to keep the Grand Plan alive. The kind of Force power and control that would take a Jedi a lifetime to master? For a Sith, that's the price of admission.