Headscratchers / Darth Plagueis

  • It's been repeatedly implied that Palpatine has no qualms about doing dirty work for Plagueis, and that he has no problems with all the stuff he's done. Yet how come in the end in his breakdown, he begins to relive and enumerates all the stuff he's been forced to do like he hates it?
    • Palpatine probably just hates being a servant to anyone.
      • This most likely. He'll murder puppies for gits and shiggles, but if someone tells him to do it, he'll probably bristle at it even if he was going to do it anyway.
      • He as much as says this, berating Plagueis for trying to turn him into "a mere messenger and intermediary" and saying that he's grateful to Plagueis as a teacher, but never as a Master.
      • Main thing he seemed angry at him about was the murder of his entire family, which Palpatine did partly because of encouragement from Plagueis, partly out of blind rage. Even from the chapter immediately following this crime, it is implied that Palpatine is genuinely unnerved by what he had just done- even if he truly hated his father, he may never have previously planned on killing him, and even if that didn't bother him, he may have regretted murdering his mother and siblings. Of course, he isn't really taking any responsibility for this (blaming Plagueis- semi-justifiably, but still) and if it counts as evidence that (and this is true in Real Life) even sociopaths like Palpatine often do have some sliver of conscience or familial affection (see Moral Sociopathy), it still means that he crosses his own personal Moral Event Horizon before the first act of the novel is over, and he certainly ends the novel as a monstrous psychopath. I'm guessing then that, despite what the rest of the Tropes page seems to believe, Luceno may not believe that Palpatine was born evil; rather, while he may have been a sociopath from the very start, that doesn't mean he was destined to be the Dark Lord of the Sith, or that he was pure evil from the very beginning.

  • When the forensic psychiatric hospital found out that the Nautolan, who had a serious mental illness that made him a danger to others and who was found by the authorities to be insane after committing numerous crimes, could use the Force, why didn't they notify the Jedi Order then? Why did they wait for him to escape? Did they foolishly believe they could keep tabs on a Force-user?
    • If I remember right, even during the heyday of the Jedi Order, not everyone in the galaxy believed in the Force. They likely just took it for granted that the Jedi were overrated and besides, the Nautolan didn't have any training, so how dangerous could he be?
    • They did have him pretty well locked down before the intervention of the Sith so probably justified in thinking so.

  • Why did Plagueis, being from the Bane lineage as he was, think he could avert the Rule of Two and NOT have Palpatine murder him? What did he think would make him so special in his apprentice's eyes that together they could abandon a millenia of doctrine and that a new paradigm of Sith methods and relations could be set into place just like that?
    • Arrogance, most likely. Also, from what I read, a lot of Sith Lords down the line had grown tired of the Rule of Two, though their apprentices would ultimately kill them anyway out of paranoia, thus starting the cycle all over again.
    • That's part of why he wanted to be able to make himself immortal- the Rule of Two gets a lot less necessary when the current Two are immortal.

  • Why did the M2 probe droid continue drilling into the dangerous accumulation of lethane? Apparently part of it's programming had been designed to override a critical fail safe command by it's Sith owners. Who would have done such a thing? Before you say Plagueis, the opportunity to murder Tenebrous only presents itself a few minutes later when the cave is crashing down. We know this because we are privy to his train of thought. It seemed like a very opportunistic killing, rather than a premeditated plan. Who else would subvert the droid's programming, though?
    • It's mentioned that lethane pockets are pretty common around cortosis; if whoever programmed the droid knew it would be probing for cortosis, it wouldn't be too big a stretch to program it to blow up the biggest lethane pocket it saw.
    • It seems clear indeed that the droid's programming had been subverted. Otherwise it disobeyed a direct order and clearly isn't Three-Laws Compliant. But who did this? Surely nobody knew of Nome and Demask's true Sith identities. So what then? A starship designer competitor? How would they know Nome was interested in cortosis mining, if they didn't know he was a Sith (or even falsely assume he was a Jedi)?
    • Subtext Mining supplied the probe, and programmed it to malfunction, presumably to kill Rugess Nome for whatever reason. That's why Plagueis tracked them down, and they told him about Naboo's plasma to save their own hides. Tenebrous presumably made a few enemies in his life.
    • There is an idea that it could be Palpatine. It's said by corporation that the customer was from Naboo. Of course, it is a very stretching ... but in the Book of Sith Palpatine says that he collected Sith artifacts even before he met Plagueis. We know that his precognive abilities are vast, but it's still unlikely that he was able to see so much. But who knows?