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Headscratchers: Darth Plagueis
  • It's been repeatedly implied that Palpatine has no qualms about doing dirty work for Plagueis, and that he has no problems with all the stuff he's done. Yet how come in the end in his breakdown, he begins to relive and enumerates all the stuff he's been forced to do like he hates it?
    • Palpatine probably just hates being a servant to anyone.
      • This most likely. He'll murder puppies for gits and shiggles, but if someone tells him to do it, he'll probably bristle at it even if he was going to do it anyway.
      • He as much as says this, berating Plagueis for trying to turn him into "a mere messenger and intermediary" and saying that he's grateful to Plagueis as a teacher, but never as a Master.

  • When the forensic psychiatric hospital found out that the Nautolan, who had a serious mental illness that made him a danger to others and who was found by the authorities to be insane after committing numerous crimes, could use the Force, why didn't they notify the Jedi Order then? Why did they wait for him to escape? Did they foolishly believe they could keep tabs on a Force-user?
    • If I remember right, even during the heyday of the Jedi Order, not everyone in the galaxy believed in the Force. They likely just took it for granted that the Jedi were overrated and besides, the Nautolan didn't have any training, so how dangerous could he be?

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