Awesome / Death Star

  • While a great many good or at least non-evil people die at the same time, it's still great to see everyone in the command center going crazy when the torpedoes hit — save for Tarkin, who basically freezes and dies thinking, "It's not happening, it's not happen —" BOOM.
  • A decent Imperial pilot remembers flying in training, with low-powered lasers so that no one was killed, and how during one demonstration Darth Vader decided to join them. He takes out about half a dozen of his opponents like it's nothing, then goes head-to-head with the best of the trainers, a veteran that made the decent pilot feel like a child who could barely walk trying to keep up with a marathon runner. Despite the other pilot's skills, Vader matches every move, shoots him down, and is later found to have done all this with his targeting and navigation computers disabled before launch, which the decent pilot believed was flatly impossible. The pilot remarks, "Everyone watching this had to manually close their mouths."
  • Dr.Divini, the resident surgeon, is evaluating Leia's condition after her interrogation, when they're interrupted by Darth Vader, who inquires as to how she's faring. On reflex, the good Doctor replies that she's fine... no thanks to him. That's right, a mere surgeon had the balls to talk back to the Dark Lord of The Sith. In the torture chamber he had just used.