Awesome: Choice of Games

Affairs of the Court

  • With a high enough Subtle score, you can kill the Monarch's consort and get away with it. Alternately, you can spread rumors that gets them executed, keeping your hands clean. Not bad for a sixteen-year-old Impoverished Patrician.
  • If you participate in the joust in Choice of Romance and have a high Magic score, you'll pull off a stunning victory that manages to impress the Monarch, aka the most powerful Death Mage in the land.
  • During the assassination attempt on your sons in the third game, the guards will tell the Player Character to stay locked up in their room where it's safe. The PC can respond with "screw that", run out, and fight off the assassins themselves.
  • In Til Death Do Us Part, figuring out how to break Tomas's control over the nobles and the Monarch, then bringing his crimes to light. The Monarch has his hands cut off and his tongue burned out as retribution for mind raping and mind controlling almost everyone in the palace. Basically: everything was going All According to Plan for this Magnificent Bastard...and then you came along.
  • Out of all the epilogues of Til Death Do Us Part, the most awesome ones are the ones where your teenage sons lead a rebellion and kill the monarch, either to avenge you or free you.
    • The one where you lead a palace coup against the Monarch and rule as Regent isn't bad either.

Choice of the Vampire

  • If you kill your Dominus and run off at the beginning of the game, you find your way to a small, secluded town. You, a days-old vampire, successfully take it over and rule the citizens through fear as their new overlord, for decades.

Choice of the Deathless

  • The potential Curb-Stomp Battle between Golan Varkath and the Big Bad, should you choose the appropriate options, complete with Badass Boast.
    Golan Varkath: You see how we dealt with gods when I was a boy.
    • Another way of dealing with the Big Bad, if you helped out the goddess Ajaia earlier:
    Big Bad: Oh? And what's going to stop me?
    PC: A little something called "divine intervention".
    (cue the ground opening up beneath him and swallowing him whole)

Mecha Ace

  • With enough skill in piloting a Mecha, it is possible to battle the enemy's Ace Pilot, Commandant Hawkins in single combat and to fight them to a standstill during your first battle and then handily defeat them the second time. Your wingman puts it best:
    Asadi: "Boss, did you just beat the shit out of the Blue Masque?"


  • If female, then the Player Character had to put up with Prototype's sexist comments the entire game. Taking him out with a single punch is very satisfying.
  • Your grudge match with your former friend JJ. The media's hyped it up, the fans are hyped up, and it's a long, grueling but epic match wherein you can finally step out of their shadow and show the world just how far you've come. And then you can reconcile with them after everything they did to you, which is kind of awesome too, in its own way.
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