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Choice of the Dragon

  • The PC and the narrator have a hilarious banter that practically breaks the fourth wall. Some examples:
    Narrator: Will you be male or female?
    Player Character: Do not pester me with such impudent questions!
    Narrator: I, ah, I mean yes! Of course! How churlish of me.

    Narrator: After all, you did just kidnap the princess from right out of her tower. Although...isn't it a little sexist to always kidnap princesses?
    Player Character: Maybe, but tradition demands that dragons kidnap princesses, even if that is sexist.
    Player Character: You know, I never thought about that before. In fact, I think I kidnapped a prince, just to avoid being sexist.
    Player Character: I'll have you know that I make a careful point of alternating between princes and princesses, but it happened to be time for a princess.

    Narrator: Having burned down the village...why did you burn down the village, anyway?
    Player Character: To teach them not to anger me!
    Narrator: While that is an excellent reason, I can't particularly think of anything they did to anger you, besides existing.


  • It may mean being a total jerk, but playing as a heel is incredibly fun, especially the ways you can choose to get back at people. Setting JJ's new expensive RV on fire, anyone?
  • If you choose to tell Ecstasy you're a fan of them, they'll express disbelief and challenge you to name three facts about them.
    PC: Your real name is Evan/Evelyn Bridges, your first single was 'Split My Heart', and you've gone through four girlfriends/boyfriends in the past two yours.
    Ecstasy: Hey, Taylor doesn't count!
    • And after that, they ask you if you've ever taken heat backstage for being a fan of bubblegum pop.
    PC: Not really. You'd be amazed at what people let you get away with when they know you can kick their ass for making fun of your bad taste in music.
  • At one point, as part of Kayfabe, Madeline Rio has to pose as your girlfriend. While this isn't an issue for straight males or lesbian females, if the PC is a straight female or a gay male...
    PC: I don't think this relationship is going to work out.
    Rio: You never know. I might just change your mind.
    PC: Somehow, I doubt that.
  • If they're your Love Interest, Ecstasy will give you a sweet little thank-you speech for standing by them through everything and not being a fame-sucking traitor like their past beaus.
    PC: What, and risk you making a break-up song about me? I love your music, hon, but that's not an immortality I'd ever choose.
    Ecstasy: Oh, come on. Not all my songs are break-up songs.
  • At one point, if you play a heel, a little old lady in the crowd will pull a porcelain vase out of her purse and throw it at you. It doesn't shatter on your head, but the close shave actually unnerves you, a professional wrestler, especially when the guards also confiscate a lead pipe from her.

Choice of the Deathless

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