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Awesome: Brandon Hardesty
  • His response to Emma Clark 's video "How could you do this, Kristen?"
  • His reenactment of the opening of Reservoir Dogs where he played every character.
  • Although he never finished it, Brandon was going reenact the whole movie of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. He only reenacted four scenes and they were very impressive.
  • His reenactment of Pulp Fiction where he played Christopher Walken 's character and it's done all in one shot and he didn't flub a line. And doing something like this all in one take is VERY difficult.
  • His reenactment of the Hitler rant in Downfall all done in German. And this is a man who is not fluent in German.
  • His reenactment of Ocean's Eleven (2001) when Danny and Rusty pitch their plan to Reuben. He even did the flashbacks to the past criminals failing their missions. A scene like this is very hard to plan and reenact, but Brandon pulled it off extremely well.
  • His impressive piano playing skills in his "Fun With Piano" videos.

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