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Awesome: Blame!
  • Sana-Kan's rescue of Cibo from the Silicon Creatures, full stop.
  • Whever Killy gets serious, you know something Badass is going to happen, including...
  • Seu's fight with the Silicon Life soldier Maeve. Before the fight even begins properly, he loses his left arm and as the fight goes on, his blade is cut down to the hilt and he has his chest rent open. What does he do? Stab Maeve through the head with the blunt sword. Then follows it up by throwing the hilt of his sword at a Safeguard that is attacking his master, Mensab and goes through its eye with the hilt. This is a normal, albeit Bad Ass man, facing power armour clad cyborgs and winning with an incredibly sharp sword.
  • While we're talking awesome, how about the awesome music and sound design of the short animated series? In a show where there's little-to-no dialogue, the sound can make or break the mood and it totally nails the mood.
    • In the same vein, there are 2 CGI animated shorts, let's just say that they're badass

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