Awesome / Bill & Ted

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

  • Bill charging the knight when he thinks killed Ted.
  • The historical figures running amok in the mall. Especially Billy and Genghis Khan for lasting the longest.
  • Beethoven is introduced to synthesisers, immediately sees their potential and is soon playing a symphony on several keyboards all at once in the music shop, attracting a huge crowd.
  • Sigmund Freud psychoanalysing the police interrogator and driving him up the wall.
    Interrogator: Look, I want to know why you claim to be Sigmund Freud.
    Freud: Why do you insist I'm not Sigmund Freud?
    Interrogator: Why do you keep asking me these questions?
    Freud (leans forward): Tell me about your mother.
  • The scene with the future council. Words cannot describe. Sadly, the version of Robbi Robb's "In Time" that plays in this scene (with the awesome, awesome lead guitar) is commercially unavailable. It is up on Youtube, however, and there are multiple ways to extract an .mp3 file from it.
  • The band's unofficial mantra "Be Excellent To Each Other And Party On" also qualifies. No matter how ditzy the guys are, it's hard to deny that it's a most excellent philosophy to live by.
  • That music playing after Napoleon got kicked out of the bowling alley and walks proudly while putting his hat back on.
  • The entire scene where they give the report. One of the great climaxes in film history, and if you're a history student (or just any kind of student), face it: you want to give a report like that. The kicker is getting Abraham Lincoln - arguably the most famous American president of all time - to give a speech that perfectly exemplifies what Bill and Ted's teacher wants from them, which is how these contemporary figures would regard San Dimas and the modern world. And Lincolm heartwarmingly details that Bill and Ted are the very good friends of him and the other figures they've recruited, and that the boys are dedicated to the very same proposition he is - which is Bill and Ted's very own motto.

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

  • An unusual example, but the seeming Dumb Blonde of the films, Missy - I mean Mom - manages to send the boys to Hell, despite Ted noting that her seances with her friends never work.
  • The climax of the sequel qualifies. "God Gave Rock and Roll To You", indeed.
    • Unfortunately, that version of the song (with Bill & Ted's guitar solos at the start) has never been commercially released, but Steve Vai's guitar solos & the KISS song have. Fans have managed to replicate the song as featured in the film with a little editing, and a little searching on the internet can bring up mp3s of the song with the solos at the start.
    • The time-travel causality battle between Bill and Ted and Chuck De Nomolos, too. Definitely shows that the boys are a pair of Genius Ditzes when it comes to time travel.
  • In a shooting script (and comic adaptation) for Bogus Journey, the boys had to confront their fears when the Evil Robot Usses make them manifest in the real world - Bill accepts a kiss from Granny Preston, Ted apologizes to Deacon and returns the Easter Basket, and both of them invite Colonel Oates in for snacks. They also fought their evil doubles hand-to-hand until the Good Robot Usses could get to them.