Awesome / Big Trouble in Little China

  • Say what you will about Jack Burton's dorkiness, but he DOES get to kill the villain: Lo Pan throws Jack's knife at him, then Jack almost casually catches it and puts it right between Lo Pan's eyes!
    Jack Burton: It's all in the reflexes.
  • All the fight scenes are very well choreographed. Such as the street fight and Wang VS Rain.
  • Egg Shen's duel with David Lo Pan. Any sorcerers worth their salt can engage in a Wizard Duel; but to make their Beam-O-War transform into a pair of spirit warriors who engage in an epic slow-motion swordfight? That, you don't see every day.
  • Wang kicking ass at the Arcade. Especially him running around the arch upside down.
  • Awesome Music: It IS a John Carpenter film after all.