Awesome: Becker

  • In Season 1, Becker goes to confront a columnist over Becker's apparently "political incorrectness" (or the doctor's being an apparent racist) at a radio station during a live show. He not only chews out the columnist for being a dick and the people that actually believed in the columnist's article, but also the columnist is hoisted by his own "political incorrectness" petard when his own "politically incorrect" feelings surface.
  • When Becker is sued for malpractice by a patient who suffered a heart attack while exercising based on the Doctor's advice, his angry tirade on the stand against the plaintiff (even admitting that he's glad the heart attack happened because Vinny is finally taking care of himself), his lawyer and the judge actually get the jury on his side and wins him the case - although not without a stint in jail for contempt of court.