YMMV: Becker

  • Anvilicious: Becker, frustrated that the local mental health facility is closing down and flooding his waiting room with mental patients, goes down to the local government office to complain. He finds an old bureaucrat, who says he wants to help Becker with his problem, he really does...but. There's just not enough money in the budget to help him. It turns out the bureaucrat, like Becker himself, wears Jade-Colored Glasses, and believes Humans Are Morons:
    "You're not listening! I can't help. Nobody can help. That facility is not going to reopen, and I'll tell you why: there is no money! There's no money because the federal government cut taxes, which is all anybody seems to care about anymore. That means less money for the state, which means less money for the city, which means we had to cut services, which means fewer cops, fewer firemen, bad air, bad water and crappy schools which will turn out another generation of voters too stupid and greedy to care about anything else besides cutting taxes! So don't you come in here and tell me to fix your problem, because there's not a DAMN THING I CAN DO ABOUT IT!... Where did that come from?"