Awesome / Battle Nations

The Game itself:

  • The entire assault on Gantas's fortress. Perkins creates a distraction at the front, allowing Taos and his Raiders to sneak in the back. Morgan takes out a Raider patrol and Zoey sabotages the Bombards' ammunition. Floyd causes a mammoth stampede. Ramsey avenges Zoey single-handedly when she gets shot. Sheriff Colt, Cassidy, and even the Raider kids come to the rescue. Needless to say, this mission chain is very rewarding for all you've done to get there.
    • Even Gantas has a villainous moment of awesome. His ultimatum to the Imperials shows he means business.
      • Let's not forget about his "Outsider Begone" Bombard cannons. Completely invincible, and they can kill most of your units in one shot.

Boss Strikes:

The entire concept of Boss Strike is awesome, and one of the most celebrated parts of Battle Nations. Simply put, you and your guild-mates team up to defeat waves of invaders. The more enemies you defeat, the more Boss Strike points you earn, the more rewards you earn. Some of these rewards include special exclusive units!

Promo Units:

  • The entire Legendary Animal set. Special props go to the Legendary Sandworm, which is widely accepted to be the best unit in the game.
    • How it was introduced: The 95th Rifles dig a little too far deep, awakening the Sandworm, and its very appearance terrifies Morgan.
    • The way it looks. It's essentially a living volcano shaped like a sandworm. This is also a good description of how it kicks your ass.
    • Using three is the only known dependable way to defeat all land-based bosses with one unit.
    • The mere fact that you managed to beat this thing in combat.
    • It takes no fire damage. Then again, it is a volcano god.
  • The Weapon Technician. It's one of the best support units ever. Its two attacks don't do much damage, but they will apply a status effect that quadruples damage taken by explosives or crushing damage.
    • It's introductory mission has you use these Damage AMPs to utterly annihilate Rebel tanks. Brains over Brawn indeed.
  • The Mechanized Trooper. It's a soldier in a suit of battle armor that is a straight salute to the Amp Loader from Alien. It comes with a plasma torch, Stinger Missiles, and the Mechanical Crushing grip. This last attack has a guaranteed critical on vehicles.
    • But wait! Combine this with the Weapon Tech's Shatter AMP. Enjoy the instantaneous destruction.
  • The Mechanized Artillery. The real fun comes with its bonus Shell damage, which can do over a thousand damage.
    • This unit is capable of defeating the Ancient Construct by itself.