Awesome / Battle for Wesnoth

  • Delfador reminds the sceptical dwarven lord why he was so feared as a sorcerer.
  • The downloadable campaign "To Land Unknown" has two with the resident badass war deity Rashti. In the first one, while saving the Kharos capital she's split in her good and evil halves by the enemy leader. Eventually she manages to become complete and perfect, and proceed to: 1) Raise the rabble of the broken gates. 2) punch the sorcerer so hard that he goes through a whole tower and finally 3) drop the above mentioned gates over him again. burying him alive. In the other one she defeat the vile sorcerer Aerius by defeating him in a Curb-Stomp Battle, breaking his legs, sending him flying and then blowing him up.
  • The scenario "Pebbles in the Flood", which you get if you side with the bandits over the elves. Sir Gerrick and Urza Afalas make a hopeless stalling action against the full fury of an undead army. One is a veteran warrior who pledged his life to serving the people of Wesnoth, the other a repentant bandit leader. Both men willingly stay to buy time for the living, knowing that it is certain death.