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History Awesome / BattleForWesnoth

10th Jan '12 1:06:15 PM Ryuuma
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* Delfador reminds the sceptical dwarven lord ''why'' he was so feared as a sorcerer.
* The downloadable campaign "To Land Unknown" has two with the resident {{Badass}} war deity Rashti. In the first one, while saving the Kharos capital she's split in her [[RedOniBlueOni good and evil halves by the enemy leader]]. Eventually she manages to [[spoiler: become complete and perfect, and proceed to: 1) Raise the rabble of the broken gates. 2) [[MegatonPunch punch]] the sorcerer so hard that he goes through a ''whole tower'' and finally 3) drop the above mentioned gates over him again. burying him alive.]] In the other one she [[spoiler: defeat the vile sorcerer Aerius by defeating him in a CurbStompBattle, breaking his legs, sending him flying and then blowing him up.]]
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