Awesome / Bakemonogatari

  • If you blink, you might miss it, but after the very interesting Panty Shot in episode one, they basically have a super-fast montage of some of the events of Kizumonogatari. If they ever get around to showing the whole thing, I'm sure this page would explode, since the actual events in the light novel were quite badass.
    • And they did.
  • Even if they eventually needed to be rescued themselves, the Hanekawas (Black & White) trying to talk Kako out of burning down Senjogahara's house and when that failed, physically trying to stop him at the end of Nekomonogatari White, followed by Koyomi's Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • The part where Nadeko snaps in Otorimonogatari is a sight to behold. For someone who usually stays silent and avoids conflict, having her blow up at the teacher for shoving his responsibility onto her is extremely satisfying to watch. She then proceeds to kick a door down and call the rest of the class out in a truly inspirational speech.
  • Pretty much the entirety of Hitagi End Part 6 is one huge CMOA for Kaiki. At least until the very end.
    • In the crunchyroll sub at least the last thing he does in his internal monologue is calmly muse that "money talks" even in hell so he is glad he made some cash. Thats about as cool a last though as an aging con-man with a secret sliver of good could hope to have.
    • It's sort of implied that the money he references earning right at the end was metaphorical money in the form of good karma for helping Nadeko. Considering that he's facing his own mortality in the the form of a crowbar hurtling at his head at the time, has been most likely concussed and is bleeding out from injuries caused by said crowbar, but still has the wherewithal to be a Deadpan Snarker towards himself does make the scene pretty awesome though.
  • At the end of Hanamonogatari, Kanbaru challenged Numachi to a last basketball match for possession of the Devil Parts. Numachi had five whole Devil Parts in her body at the time, including the Devil's Arm which alone gave Kanbaru almost enough power to kill Araragi back in Suruga Monkey. Kanbaru spectucularly faked out Numachi by passing her the ball, taking possession of it while she was still caught off guard, and slam dunking it into the net.
  • Araragi's handling of Kissshot's former minion Seishirou in Shinobu Mail. Not only did he manage to beat him in their duel despite Seishirou's major physical advantage but he also had time to save Hanekawa from Kako. The most impressive part though? He actually managed to surprise Gaen a bit, the woman whose signature boast is that she "knows everything".